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The new Choco Museum in Brussel

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Demo at the new Choco Museum in Brussel
Demo at the new Choco Museum in Brussel  Bild: Copyright © 2019 Agence Cinna,

Brussel [ENA] The Choco Story Museum of Brussels is moving from rue de la Tête d’Or to rue de l’Étuve. It is still in the very heart of Brussels between the Grand Place and Manneken Pis, in the centre of Brussels historical old city, a UNESCO listed site. The period buildings date from the 17th, 18th and 19th

centuries. The Museum has an overall area of 1800 m². A successful collaboration The Choco Story Museum of Brussels was started n May 2014 thanks to the association of two families who joined forces in order to continue to promote quality Belgian chocolate and offer the general public a top quality, entertaining and educational museum with delicious offerings. Worldwide, there are seven Choco Story Museums: in Brussels, Bruges, Prague, Paris, Uxmal, Valladolid and Beirut. The museum is a member of the Brussels Museums Council and Peggy Van Lierde is a member of the Board. Choco Story Museum collaborates actively with Visit Brussels, Visit Flanders and the Belgian Tourist Office Wallonia.

Choco Story Brussels is the story of an encounter between two families who were passionate about the world of cocoa and chocolate. In 1998, the Van Lierde–Draps family created the Brussels Museum of Cocoa and Chocolate. In 2007, Peggy Van Lierde, the only daughter of the museum’s founder, took over the running of the museum. In 2018, the Museum of Cocoa and Chocolate welcomed more than 95 000 visitors from all over the world. As for the Van Belle family, they founded Choco Story Bruges in 2004 as well as the Chocolate Museums in Paris and Prague and, more recently, the Choco Story in Mexico. Eddy Van Belle and his sons Cédric and Kevy share their love of cocoa and chocolate and for many years, they have collected unique objects

discovered all over the world. Belgium is really the country of chocolate… but why is that? The reason is that, without a doubt, in Belgium, you will find the very best chocolate… but that is not the only reason. There are multiple reasons. Historically, when cocoa arrived in Europe in the 16th century, the cargo of cocoa beans arrived by boat, notably in Bruges and in the present day port of Antwerp. Our territory suddenly became one of the first regions to have contact with cocoa.

During the era of industrialisation, Belgian savoir-faire regarding chocolate was developed by craftsmen and industry. Belgian chocolate is distinguished by its smoothness. The very fine degree of grinding (up to 18 or 20 microns) means that our taste buds do not detect any grains. This savoir-faire still exists today. It is handed down from generation to generation in Belgium’s excellent schools of chocolate making. Moreover, when you think of Belgian chocolate, you immediately think of “pralines”: that small mouthful of filled chocolate is a Belgian invention. Jean Neuhaus had this brilliant idea; the praline was created in 1912 in Brussels in the Neuhaus boutique that is still to be found in Galerie de la Reine.

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